FUE hair transplant can be done using the manual method, motorized method, SAFER method or by Robot-ARTAS method.


Robotic hair transplant has a number of advantages and often enhance and extend human capabilities. Their accuracy and repeatability may reach the sub-millimeter level. Automated S.A.F.E.R. (suction assisted follicle extraction and replant) is a very versatile Machine. The principle of this is follicles are cut by circular knife mounted on a motorized arm. The cut is given only up to sub-dermal level. Then this follicle is extracted by suction mechanism. These follicles are stored in a container for subsequent transplant. The second step is implantation of follicles. There is another arm which sucks and implant follicle in the bald area.

Advantages of SAFER Robotic Hair Transplant Machine are –

• Harvesting of grafts by aspiration, which is very rapid, precise and trauma-free.

• Storage of the grafts in the micro flask

• Adjustable rotation speed

• Precise cutting of the graft


• Selection of the grafts by aspiration and implantation by the pressure from the handpiece piston

• High implantation precision (adjustable parameters)

• Very rapid implantation without the “popping” effect

• No trauma to the grafts

• Possibility of two operators implanting at the same time (two hand pieces)

How S.A.F.E.R. Works to Reduce Transection of Follicles in Comparison to Conventional FUE Devices?

• Minimum depth of penetration of punch and Precise cutting (punch penetrates up to superficial layer of dermis) lower the risk of transaction even if the angle of penetration is not perfect.

• Rotation and suction allows extracting the graft without any trauma.

• Evacuation of the graft to the storage chamber.