Hair Transplant


Hair transplantation involves two essential techniques FUT and FUE.

In FUT –a strip of skin with hair follicles taken from back of head and donor area is closed. then hair graft is prepared from this skin strip. And then these grafts are placed in bald area by making small holes.

In FUE- In this method individual grafts are directly harvested from scalp with help of micro punches. No need of skin strip removal and wound closure. Then these grafts are placed in bald area of head as in FUT method.

Currently FUE method of hair transplant is widely accepted. This technique gives excellent natural looking result.


During implantation (placement of graft in bald area) process small holes (slit) are made in bald area and these grafts are placed in these holes with the help of instruments (forceps) .

In conventional method graft is hold at root site with forceps and then it (graft) dragged into the slit. so there was high chances of graft mishandling and trauma to the root. With “NO ROOT TOUCH” technique graft is hold at hair shaft side and placed in hole by dilating hole with other forceps without touching hair root at any stage of transplant. So the graft survival is highly increased.


1. Inadequate training and hand eye co-ordination –FUE hair transplant requires lot of hand eye co-ordination for perfection. For best results surgeons eye should see the graft and it’s angle from scalp and surgeons hands are exactly align the micropunch in direction of hair so graft should not transected. Only microsurgeon can do this in perfect way after lot of experience.

2. Inadequate magnification- With higher magnification under microscope the tiny structures (hairs) are seen much clearer. Because lack of training in microsurgery most of doctors are not able to do hand eye co-ordination at higher magnification. So they use no magnification or low magnification loops, that’s by high transaction rate.

3. Using very sharp punches- if surgeon use sharp punches these punch should cut dermis deep only. If sharp punches goes deeper to dermis the graft is easily transected (cut).so graft harvesting with sharp punches require very precision and experience.

4. Using high speed micromotor-standard FUE machine/ S.A.F.E.R ROBOTIC machine have low speed rotation with perfect alignment of hand piece and punch. Most of technicians/centers use dental micromotor. High speed and improper alignment of hand piece lead to high transaction rate.

5. Inadequate light- in most of centers traditional halogen lights are used, which gives only 20000 lumens illumination. For such small miniature thing like hairs adequate LED light more than 100000 lumens are required. This costly LED light is available in few centers only.

At “KOSMETIC CLINIQUE” hair transplant is performed by Dr AJAY SINGHAL plastic surgeon who have lot of experience in microsurgery and hair transplant. He do hair transplant with standard FUE machine/S.A.F.E.R MACHINE under microscope and high performance LED light in sterile and well equipped operation theatre. He is well-known for high density and specially natural looking hairline.

Normally One follicular graft have 1-4 hairs, so an average 1000 grafts= 2500 hairs.

Under substandard graft harvesting conditions in most of 3-4 hairs graft only 1 hair remains intact others are transected. Thus on an average out of 1000 graft only 1200-1500 hairs are harvest intact. With standard condition and experience most of graft contains 3-4 hairs intact are harvest. On an average 1000 graft have 2300 -2400 hairs.

Is hair transplant complication free?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure like any other surgery. Patients proper evaluation and proper aseptic condition (should be done in operation theatre with proper fumigation) and monitoring should be done. Otherwise infection, patient morbidity and mortality may happen.

Here we are elaborating few points which will answer your most queries regarding hair transplant

1. The back and side hair of your head are permanent androgen resistant hair, they don’t get shed even at age of 50 -70 years. Baldness will not be noticeable in these areas if we take less than 50% of hair from these areas.

2. Hairs are taken from the back and side of scalp and are transplanted into vertex and anterior scalp to make new hair line and cover all bald areas.

3. These transplanted hair remain permanent at new site also, as they have been taken from permanent zone. They will not shed even at age of 50 – 70 years.

4. Transplanted hair starts growing after 12 weeks of transplant and grows naturally all your life about 1 cm per month. After few time you can’t make out which hair was already there and which one is transplanted hair.