Beard Hair Transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant

Some of persons have absent or lost eyebrows. Eyebrows can be recreated by hair transplant. Eyebrow has peculiar hair direction and thickness which needs to be considered when planning a eyebrow hair transplant.

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most aesthetically challenging procedures to perform, but when done by experts, can provide an impressive result. This procedure can be done by FUE technique, but most importantly requires the careful making of recipient sites for the hairs that will determine the direction and angulation of growth, as well as the aesthetic designing of what should be natural appearing eyebrows that complement the rest of the patient’s facial features.

Points to be noted about eyebrow Hair transplant

1. Mostly eyebrow hair are thin and finer than scalp hair

2. Eyebrow hair are single hair while scalp hair are mostly in groups or 2 or 3 hairs

3. Eyebrow has particular direction and angle so any deviation from the principles leads to very un natural hair transplant .

4. the eyebrow hair are very very delicate.